My career spans 25 years as an international development professional, first in Pakistan, and then globally, as an independent researcher in international development, social policy, aid effectiveness, gender, and global migration. My clients have included a vast spectrum of multilateral and bilateral organizations, INGOs and civil society organizations in Pakistan, the UK, Canada and South Asia.

My professional work has focussed on policy and qualitative research, analysis and evaluation. My personal work has focused on the critique of these based on my experiences of working with a range of clients across a spectrum of rich, middle-income and low-income groups.

I now actively write, speak and advise the global development community on notions of decolonization, North-South power imbalances in development, race relations and immigrant citizenship and integration.

This site brings together a selection of my professional and personal work, including professional research and personal articles, published over the last ten years and counting. The views expressed in all articles are purely personal and do not reflect those of any clients. I also have a personal blog at http://www.lamehdood.wordpress.com.


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