Sindh Diary

Part 1 The land of dates

Part 2 Remnants of a colonial past

Part 3 Theri, you shall be missed!

Part 4 The lost glory

Part 5 A world of their own

Part 6 Small but successful

Part 7 Once a great city

Part 8 Another story of failure

Part 9 Literary pursuits of fuels

Part 10 Personality shifts

Part 11 Security concerns

Part 12 Home of the blind dolphin

Part 13 The resident good fairy

Part 14 Sights and sounds

Part 15 Bonding with a superstore

Part 16 A tranquil existence

Part 17 Forms of deprivation

Part 18 Desert colours

Part 19 In the urban heartland

Part 20 Encountering the stereotype

Part 21A potters paradise

Part 22 Of dangers and mildness

Part 23 The nameless and faceless

Part 24 A hostile majority