Research and Analysis

Moving Beyond (En) Forced North South Collaboration in Development. Possibilities from Pakistan, in van Wessel, Kontinen and Bawole (Eds.) Civil Society Collaborations in Development. Starting from the South, Routledge, 2023

Labour Migration and Systemic Resilience. A sending state’s perspective from Pakistan; in Haroon, Niazi and Aleem (Eds.) Beyond the Pandemic. Leaving one behind; Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad, 2022

Decolonizing Humanitarianism or humanitarian aid? PLOS Global Public Health (2022)

A Woman in Gods Land. Critical Muslim Issue 41: Bodies; March 2022

The Securitisation of Relief Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons. The FATA Military Conflict in Pakistan; published in, Inanc, Gul and Lewis, Themba (eds) Forced Displacement and NGOs in the Asia Pacific, Routledge, UK, 2022

UK Parliament International Development Committee, Evidence Session on the Philosophy and Culture of Aid (February 23, 2021)

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Labour Migration and Systemic Resilience. A Sending Country Perspective from Pakistan (February 2021)

Laval University, AQOCI and the University of Montreal, 9th International Development Colloquium, entitled “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AT THE LIGHT OF DECOLONIZATION AND SYSTEMIC RACISM” (February 8, 2021)

ADESO Webinar: Decolonizing Aid Part 2, (August 25, 2020)

Review of Law Policy and Practise of Recruitment of Migrant Workers in Pakistan (ILO 2020)

Young, female and African: barriers, interventions and opportunities for female youth employment in Africa (INCLUDE/IDRC/ILO, Netherlands, 2020)

Female Labour Migration From Pakistan. A Situational Analysis (International Labour Organization, Geneva, 2020)

Jobs for Africa’s expanding youth cohort: A stocktaking of employment prospects; Dr. Gordon Bethcherman and Themrise Khan (IZA Journal of Migration; 2018; 8:13)

Women and Infrastructure. A Synthesis of GrOW Research Findings; (GrOW Research Report No. 2 (IDRC 2018)

Sociology of Migration and Development. Supporting Evidence for Thematic Area 2; Global Forum for Migration and Development, Bangladesh (IOM Bangladesh; 2016) 

An Evidential Roadmap: Strengthening Linkages between Women’s Economic Empowerment and Growth (IDRC Working Paper 2016) for WEE

Youth Employment in sub-Saharan Africa. Taking stock of evidence and knowledge gaps – Gordon Betcherman and Themrise Khan (IDRC 2015)

The McCleod Group Election Policy Brief – Diasporas and Development (2014)

Canada and Development in Other Fragile States: Moving beyond the “Afghanistan Model” – Stephen Baranyi and Themrise Khan in Re-Thinking Canadian Aid; University of Ottawa Press (2014)

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Evaluation summary ILO WEC Pakistan 2008

Reflecting, Learning and Moving Forward. Stories from CIDA PAGE (CIDA Pakistan; 2008)

Empowering Citizens (World Bank; Islamabad; 2007)

Fuedalism in Sindh (University of Karachi; 2003)

Land Tenure Paper Executive Summary (Collective for Social Science Research; Karachi; 2002)


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